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Recognizing Strengths and Overdone Strengths
The word “strength” is defined in many different ways. Sometimes it describes a person’s talents, like attention to detail or adaptability. It may also be used to describe virtues, such as courage and integrity. We define strengths as “behaviors deployed in an effective interaction between people,” yet people generally judge their own strengths based on their intentions, while observers may judge based on their interpretation.

Many approaches to personal development advocate a focus on strengths to the exclusion of weaknesses - but developing and deploying strengths in relationships differs from applying skills or talents to a task. Relationship strengths can become weaknesses when they are overdone or misapplied. Too much ambition becomes ruthless, over-supportive can lead to self-sacrifice, and being too flexible can be unpredictable.

At Core Strengths, we help individuals and teams recognize their strengths and overdone strengths to allow one to choose which tools work best for any situation, to better understand others intent behind an action, and to guide coaching styles to help people choose to deploy their strengths in the most authentic and effective way possible.

During this webinar, you’ll discover:
• How your teams can leverage their strengths to strengthen relationships
• Helpful team strategies to meet future opportunities and overcome challenges
• How overdone strengths can lead to conflict
• How teams can use the right strengths to build trust and strengthen team culture
• How to coach strengths and overdone strengths for improved effectiveness

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Jul 13, 2021 10:00 AM in London

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