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Team Activities to Boost RQ
Your teams have completed the Core Strengths training, congratulations!
So what happens next?

No matter how good the Results through Relationships training experience is, sustainable change and better performance is a hit-or-miss proposition without additional reinforcement.

Imagine going to the best gym in town, working with a professional, knowledgeable, and engaging personal trainer who puts you through the best workout you’ve ever experienced. Then, you leave the gym, return to your old habits, and expect your fitness and health to be forever improved.

Although we all wish this were the case, it’s not. Lasting change requires intentional effort and, in most cases, hard work. Fortunately for relationship skills, it’s an enjoyable process that simply requires people to do what they want to do anyway — build authentic connections with the people that matter most in their lives — and help others do likewise.

During this webinar, we’ll help you discover:

• How to lead team activities that can boost the RQ of a team
• New follow up activities that can be used to sustain and embed team development in RQ
• How to facilitate sessions with multiple internal teams to boost RQ across the organization
• 12 new activities to help your team re-engage with RQ

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Aug 17, 2021 10:00 AM in London

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