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How to get the Best out of Blended Learning Solutions
It’s likely you’ve had to take your practice remote these past few years, with in-person sessions slowly trickling their way back into your schedule. Many consultants have embraced this hybrid workspace, introducing new blended learning solutions that aim to make the best of both remote and in-person training.

But while blended learning combines the flexibility of remote training with the face-to-face interaction provided while in-person, it creates a new set of challenges. Some consultants struggle to engage learners with a traditional classroom mindset; others are stuck on deciding which content deserves face-to-face instruction versus self-directed. And that’s not even including the hurdles brought on by adopting new technologies and training clients on how to use them.

In this webinar, you’ll learn:
• Virtual technology setup tips.
• Pulling participation from the remote audience.
• How to combine remote/in-person folks into breakout groups.
• Tips for you as the presenter being in the room vs remote.
• How to leverage Pre & Post-workshop content

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Jun 7, 2022 01:00 PM in London

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